"What are his true intentions?" 


I’m prouder of this than I should be


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I am drawing a picture for Poster of Kichijoji.

nothing more than a whim


like i could resist drawing the babes ☆U


lmao i was stupidly proud of him here because i know we’re all like what a damn nerd haha he wants 2 b hokage after all hes done god forbid 

but man his intentions are so pure it hurts me he doesnt think of himself but his family and his brother’s ideals he’s SO naive he’s still a child.. face pressed to the ground covered in blood and hes still going.. i can’t die because i want to create a better world 

this is some real naruto level determination here clutching the ground falling into the dirt and repeatedly trying to claw his way to madara like.. god……. im so sad


your mums pregnancy scan was basically your first nude

Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji {PV}

Bad guy: *beats up naruto*
Bad guy: its over for you. you cant stand anymore. that should have put you out for weeks.
naruto: *slowly stands up*
Bad guy: holy shit? how is he doing that
naruto: im going to be hokage
Bad guy: Holy shit! I cant believe it. how is he doing this, he should be out cold right now. what is this feeling? What is this