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[the mikasa to my levi]/


people just need to get used to sasuke’s new outfit

i swear once you see him in the movie you’ll all be like

aye come here papi lemme whop that ass

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# : ye , sasuke ,


Anime was a mistake.

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having ideas for a great fanfic


writing out the fanfic


Leaked dialogue from the new Naruto movie


Sasuke:”If it isn’t around here, you have to be protected by me (I have no choice but to protect you), I guess”

Kakashi: “I have faith in my people. But for confidence I’d never let them go on any dangerous missions, you know (I trust the three of you)

Naruto: “I got something I absolutely must tell ya.. wait for me, the both of you and Kakashi sensei you too! (Can’t wait!)

()= thoughts/thinking

Full plot to be revealed on the 18th of October

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